The King family was subject to a scary and dangerous ordeal on a late night last week while driving along a local road. Two adults and four kids were shocked when a massive rock -- or possibly a golf ball, they're not quite sure -- came hurling out of the woods and smashed into the minivan's window right where the children were sitting, shattering glass and creating the potential for serious injury.

As evidenced in the video above, the damage was quite extensive and we were relieved to learn that, remarkably, no one was hurt during the ordeal.

Although father C.J. King recognizes the good fortune of avoiding injury, he's still understandably upset with the situation -- so much so that he's offering a reward for information on the culprit.

"I'm willing to offer up a $200 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the coward or cowards that did that because they endangered my kids," King said.

The family has filed a police report, but because it was so dark outside when the incident occurred, they weren't able to see where the object came from or who may have thrown it.

Random act of vandalism? Personal grudge? We may never know the motivation behind the act, but we're happy that everyone is OK.

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