Ah, Russian dashcams. I think we can all agree that the Internet has become an even more incredible place since these became popular. The video above is yet another example of some of the interesting -- and downright bizarre -- incidents these dashboard-mounted cameras capture.

We start out innocently enough, with a gentleman apparently going about his daily commute. It's a nice day, the roads seem clear, he appears in good spirits. As he makes a turn, he practices proper road etiquette and pulls off to let another car pass along a narrow street.

As the other car slowly comes into focus, we see that this has turned into a not-so-ordinary commute. On the windshield of the oncoming car is another man violently kicking in its windshield as it rolls by. Seriously, this guy is just going to town on the poor car.

According to a loose translation provided by CBS News, the title of the video seems to explain what is going on here: "Jealous husband beats his wife's windshield while driving on Griboyedov street." It's unclear why he's jealous or what he hopes to accomplish by destroying his wife's car.

It's all over pretty quick and our original driver seems remarkably unfazed by the incident, as he takes his turn on the narrow street and goes about his business.

Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you'd do if you encountered such a crazy scenario.

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