If you thought the recently unveiled Spyker B6 Venator held a few familiar lines, you aren't alone. The keen-eyed crew at AutoBild noticed the new Swedish sportscar looks an awful lot like the new defunct Artega GT. The German manufacturer went bankrupt last year and may have sold off the GT platform to pay off its debts. Given the fact that the B6 Venator cropped up fairly quickly, critics assumed Spyker grabbed the machine's platform from some outside source rather than build the car's bones in house. Putting two and two together doesn't take a sleuth, but Spyker is remaining tight-lipped about the situation.

Autoblog reached out to Spyker for a comment, but company spokesperson Ali Gogarty simply said, "I apologize that I can't be more help, but at this time it is just too early to comment on any specific details beyond what is in our press release."

That's pretty far from an outright denial, but it's also well short of a confirmation, too. The similarities between the B6 Venator and the Artega GT could be more than just skin deep, however. Both creations make use of a V6 engine mounted amidships, and while Spyker has yet to say where the six-cylinder engine in the B6 hails from, Artega used Volkswagen powerplants.

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