An inventor in Scottsdale, Arizona has made the automatic, touchless car wash a bit more convenient. That is, so long as you can afford it. Dale Retter is the man behind AutoGreenWash, a system that fits in any standard home garage and cleans your car with the help of 48 high-pressure, computer-controlled nozzles. A waterproof curtain lowers from the ceiling to keep the rest of your home from going sudsy while a special water capture system allows you to reuse the runoff for home irrigation. Retter says he chose a specific cleaning agent that was both effective and environmentally friendly.

It even uses warm water courtesy of an in-line heater. How much will the setup cost you? That'll be $29,500, plus an installation fee of $4,000. Did we mention it has an auto-drying function, too? We'll take two, my good sirs. Check out a CNN news report on the system below.

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