It's easy to see a super sports car on the road and imagine yourself speeding down the highway, guttural notes emitting from the engine, living life on the edge. But it takes quite a bit of driving skill to even merge onto the highway in one of those cars, one Ferrari driver learned the hard way.

A Ferrari fan and his mom were taping a Ferrari 458 Spyder on the road when they passed the car at a highway merge. The Ferrari driver then decided he'd overtake the sedan. In seconds, he turned the car sideways and crashed into a wall.

The fan, whose rear seat belts are have Ferrari logos on them, was astounded. When Italian TV station Republica posted the video, they had to bleep some of it out. Our translators here at AOL say the young kid said: "Madonna! (which is like Jesus! in Italian) ... Oh God, mom, stop. Mom, back up. Back up, mom, back up. My God. Let's call for help. I've recorded the whole scene. My god. Mom, get out [the car]. Stop, stop, stop."

The TV station says something seems funny about the whole incident. The Ferrari had just been registered that morning, but the car and its driver disappeared before police could arrive.

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