Beatriz Pardo, a 50-year-old nurse from Lacey, Wash., was driving past a parking lot when she thought she spotted her car, which had been stolen five days earlier.

So she went against all sane advice and decided she'd confront the thieves, a woman and a man who worked together, reports KIRO TV from Seattle. She demanded they give her the keys, and when they said no, Pardo grabbed the woman and jammed her finger in her back. She told the thief she'd shoot her in the back if she didn't get her keys.

"That's my car, that's my chance," she said. "I can't let it go, that car."

She got her keys back, complete with a keychain containing a photo of her son. The suspects are under arrest, and although police congratulated her they say they wouldn't advise anyone else try this stunt.

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