"Even Mitchell knows, racing a school bus full of kids is never a good idea," says the newscaster. And Mitchell Brennan is only seven years old.

Sadly, at least two bus drivers in Iowa had to learn the hard way that street racing school buses with elementary school children on board "is never a good idea," losing their jobs in the process. According to reports, one driver decided to pass the one in front on a snowy day in February while schlepping the kids back from a Valentine's Day activity. The kids cheered, for a little while at least, until they realized that the other driver wasn't slowing down to let their bus overtake.

According to school officials, the bus driver who attempted the errant pass on wintry roads was fired immediately, while the other driver was given time to explain his actions – claiming that he had the bus in cruise control and simply didn't slow down – before being fired a short time later.

Scroll down below for a video from the local NBC affiliate.

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