While it might be the world's safest practice, many of us got our first taste of driving as kids sitting on our mom or dad's laps while they let us steer. But that was usually done in a safe place (large parking lots or open fields) at very slow speeds. The safety aspect is what has two Russian parents in trouble after they filmed their 8-year-old driving an Audi at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour with slick road conditions.

In the video below, the girl – using a plastic container as a booster seat and not wearing a seatbelt – drives along the snowy road with the music blaring and her mother videoing it all from the back seat, a jaunt that reportedly resulted in parents Dmitry and Lena Mikulchik being investigated by St. Petersburg police. Hey, at least they weren't using their daughter as a designated driver, right?

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