A Baltimore County woman saved a Maryland Transit Administration bus from crashing after the driver had a medical emergency Tuesday afternoon, police said.

Janai Stafford boarded an MTA bus in Owings Mills, Md. on Tuesday afternoon. Stafford said the bus she boarded outside a Giant supermarket was full of kids, so she stayed up front and stood next to the driver. Just as the bus was about to get on to the Beltway, the trip changed in a hurry.

"All of a sudden (the bus driver) said, 'Something's not right. I don't feel good. Something's not right,'" Stafford said. "And then all of a sudden, he passed out all over the wheel."

Stafford then acted fast, and took over the bus.

"I put my foot on his foot. I didn't even know what foot to put," Stafford said. "It just happened. I put my foot on his foot, and I just wrapped my arm around him, and I steered the bus to the right and parked it." Pretty fast thinking considering a bus does not drive like a car and Stafford had no training in driving a bus. IN fact, she does;t even have a drivers license.

Stafford, hero of the day, told WBAL-TV what could have happened had she not been standing right there next to the driver.

"It could have gone onto (Interstate) 695. It could have drifted down Reisterstown Road," she said.

There is almost no training for the public for an incident like this, making Stafford's actions all the more incredible. Such events happen so fast. And without training to drive a bus for the vast majority of the public, the outcome of this emergency should have been tragic. But it wasn't.

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