During last Saturday's Nationwide Series race the afternoon before the 2013 Daytona 500, a last-lap crash on left some 33 spectators injured when Kyle Larson's car flew into the fence and disintegrated as it rode along the upper edge of the barrier. The flying parts tore a hole in the fence and flew into the stands, with a television crew and a spectator video catching part of the incident.

Taiwan's Next Media Animation, which digitally recreates events usually in order to lampoon them, has made a video on the NASCAR crash questioning NASCAR's commitment to fan safety. It uses comically outrageous scenarios to make its point, the sort one would expect from a cartoon sendup.

We wonder if it's a bit unfair, though – racing is dangerous, and if you made it safe enough for no one to get hurt, we're guessing no one would want to watch it. If fans were left on their own, there could have been more injuries, but the Daytona Speedway has armed police constantly patrolling the fence to make sure fans stay back. We have a feeling, as the video below suggests, that a head-to-head between personal injury lawyers and NASCAR will write the text of the next chapter in race-day safety.

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