Sbarro Réact' E.V. - rear three-quarter renderingA year ago, Espera Sbarro Montbéliard School of Design unveiled a two-seat, 137-horsepower, all-electric concept car called Intencity at the Geneva Motor Show. Last September, the school showed off a V8-powered rear-wheel-drive hot rod with 360 horsepower called Eight at the Paris Motor Show. For this year's Geneva craziness, design house Sbarro (no relation to the Italian food chain) is shooting for a compromise of sorts by pitching a bit of plug-in hybrid-electric trickery.

Next week, Sbarro will show off what it calls the Réact' E.V. (for "Ecological Vehicle") in Geneva. The car will combine a 210-horsepower gas engine made by Peugeot with two 137-horsepower electric motors, so we're talking about a pretty speedy car here. Little surprise, then, that Sbarro says it'll enter the React 'EV, which has a 24-kWh battery, in the Monte Carlo Rallye of New Energies in late March.

We'll know more next week, but we've got a few more technical details in the press release below.
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Réact' E.V.

Last year we introduced our first electric car called 'Intencity' at the Geneva International MotorShow. This year, the ESPERA Sbarro students are proud to present a new challenge: a hybrid car. 30 Students and 13 weeks later, the REACT'E.V. concept (E.V. standing for Ecologic Vehicle) reflects the savoir-faire within the school and the University of Technology. REACT'EV is not simply a Show Car. This vehicle is made to run in the Monte Carlo New Energy Rally.
Open your eyes, maybe you'll see it on your road


Engine : V6 from PSA 210hp
Drivetrain : Rear wheel drive
Gearbox : Manual, 5 gears

2 electrical motor : DC Brushless 2x100 kW - 2x750 Nm
Drivetrain : 1 motor by front wheel without gear reduction
Battery : LFP - 24 kWh
Motor Controller : MicroAutobox dSPACE

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