It looks like electric vehicle owners living in Dallas need Eric Cartman to yell "Respect my authoritah!" while having their non-plug-in vehicles towed from designated parking spots.

Since that's not possible, an EV advocate has taken on shaming these EV-parking violators. Check out this new Tumblr page called "ICE shaming," which outs internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and their drivers for parking where they're not supposed to. In Dallas, parking rules at Blink charging stations are being violated aplenty by drivers of cars, SUVs, and pickups; one of them also broke a disabled parking ordinance.

ICE shaming comes from Lori Drozd, and is "Dedicated to the protection of green spots everywhere." If you don't want to publicly participate and shame the gas guzzler, you can always head over to Ecotality's Blink charging station page offering smart tips for EV drivers using charging stations, and print out courtesy notices that can be placed on the windshield of the offending car. These notices offer a way to state the obvious to the non-EV owner: You really need to move your car. A picture on the internet has the same effect, but a different audience.

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