Just over two feet of snow fell on the Boston area during a massive Nor'easter earlier this month, and while many citizens relied on public services to dig out of the snow, one snow plow driver apparently had a different idea about how to handle the situation. According to reports on the Lowell Sun and Boston.com, a plow driver named Mark Hussey posted a profanity-laced video on YouTube showing him laughing and expressing his enjoyment as he intentionally buries cars and blocks driveways.

In parts of the video, some cars are already just white lumps along the side of the street, but Hussey does his best to make sure they are even harder to get to. He even starts off by pushing back snow as one person attempts to clear their sidewalk and can do nothing but watch his Mack truck rumble by. According to reports, Hussey was not an employee of the city but worked for company contracted by the city to clear the snow, and, according to his statements, he made quite a bit of money doing so. We're not sure he's laughing as loud now, though, as it appears he's been fired for his transgressions.

Hussey's video and a related news reported are embedded below, but before you fire them up to watch, note that he uses a lot of explicit, Not Safe For Work language to describe his activities.

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