is stretching the extension cord for the new Spark EV to Canada, in addition to the previously announced markets of California, Oregon and South Korea. At the Canadian International Auto Show, Chevy announced that the sub-compact Spark EV will be available only for fleet use, according to Hybrid Cars, and is eligible for incentives in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Those incentives include a spot on HOV lanes in Canada and the US.

Chevrolet expects the Spark EV to launch with one of the best EV ranges in its segment. More important for fleets and future individual owners, it will be the first electric vehicle to offer SAE Combo DC Fast Charging capability. That will power up the Spark EV to an 80-percent battery charge in just 20 minutes, or the length of a sales call or lunch break. Using a dedicated 240V outlet takes 6-8 hours.

The Spark is small, but powerful, with an oil-cooled permanent magnet motor that produces at least 130 hp (100 kw), and about 400 pound-feet of torque with the coaxial drive unit. GM says the Spark EV can sprint 0-60 mph in a blink less than eight seconds.

The Spark EV has a so-called confidence gauge that shows the expected driving range based on driving habits and other conditions. Pricing is under $25,000 with tax incentives. Thanks to the extended-range hybrid Volt, Chevrolet accounts for just over half of all plug-in electric vehicle sales in the North America.

Chevrolet Spark Information

Chevrolet Spark

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