The spy photographers we work with are fairly adept at figuring out what it is, exactly, they happen to be taking a picture of that day. So, when the shooters send notes along with their images, we don't often quibble too much with the conclusions that they've drawn.

Case in point is this new set of spied photographs, depicting what would appear to be a variant of the Range Rover Evoque. Our man on the ground tells us that, tipped off by the slightly disfigured area around the fuel filler and the misshapen wheel arches, the larger-than-normal Evoques seen here are actually test mules for the next iteration of the Land Rover LR2. With the development still in the very early stages, the new LR2 (known elsewhere as the Freelander) may not be ready for primetime until sometime in 2015.

That all certainly makes sense from the perspective of the current Land Rover/Range Rover lineup, still we can't help but at least wonder if there's a chance that what we're seeing is the embodiment of the rumored long-wheelbase Evoque? Smart money may still be on the revised LR2, but we'll keep watching to see what these testers really turn into.

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