A couple of Spanish consortiums appear to be engaging in a car yoga challenge by introducing progressively smaller electric vehicles that can "fold" themselves into ever-shrinking city spaces.

The latest effort is from Casple Group, which is pitching a car it is developing with designer Francisco Podadera that would be able to tuck in its rear wheels to shrink itself by about 15 inches to a tidy six-feet, three-inches long, or about two-and-a-half feet shorter than a Smart Fortwo. The Casple Podadera would also have an 80-mile single-charge range as well as a top speed of 66 miles per hour.

Casple is promoting the origami-mobile about three months after Hiriko, a Basque consortium of auto suppliers and engineers from MIT, said it was readying to produce its own "folding" EV. Railway operator Deutsche Bahn and Hiriko will start a pilot car-sharing project that will involve the Hiriko Fold at some point this year. That car is a Cadillac-esque eight feet long but can be folded to a length of about five feet. The car's four wheels will also be able to rotate at about a 60-degree angle to better enable parking – and donuts.

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