Inventor Elliott Small and the Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered how to rapid charge lithium ion batteries without overheating them. Using the new technology, off-the-shelf li-ion batteries used in cell phones, laptop computers and electric vehicles could have their charging time reduced from hours to minutes without burning out.

That's the promise anyway, and it's the result an exclusive license between Georgia Tech and Small, a Harvard graduate and founder of Potential Difference, Inc. Small is seeking crowdfunding through the Indiegogo platform to take the project to the next level. With 35 days to go, only $1,105 out of the needed $50,000 has been raised. Georgia Tech was so impressed with the EV conversion that they offered an exclusive license for two rapid battery charging patents, Small says in the project's grainy video (see it below).

The technology allows for fast charging existing li-ion batteries rather than having to wait for the development of new battery technology, the company's press release says. Ordinary batteries have been subjected to this new rapid charging technology are staying well below the maximum charging temperatures recommended by battery manufacturers. Apparently, they've been able to reach a 70 percent state of charge in 10 minutes, 80 percent in 12 minutes and 100 percent in 16 minutes. That's way faster than normal, and Potential Difference says the results, "might be improved with further development." The upshot? "Charging an electric vehicle with speeds closer to gasoline refueling speeds the growth of the electric vehicle industry," according to the press release.

Crowdfunding is a tough hill to climb, as has been experienced by other experimental projects. Last year, the "Frankencar" project, which wanted to build an EV that could go 200 miles per charge and recharge in 45 minutes, and the Paxterra Photon S3 "self-sustaining electric vehicle," failed to raise anything near the needed funds.

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How Electric Cars Are Helped By Crowdfunding Ultra Fast Cell Phone Battery Charge

Ordinary Off The Shelf Batteries Charged in Minutes, not Hours

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Test results by Potential Difference, Inc. have shown charge times measured in minutes rather than hours for off the shelf lithium ion batteries, which are used in consumer electronics products such as cell phones and laptop computers and in electric automobiles, without overheating – the result of an exclusive license from Georgia Institute of Technology and Harvard graduate Elliott Small. Crowdfunding using the international Indiegogo platform is enabling those who need the technology to help bring it to a worldwide market quickly.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding page is:

The technology does not rely on development of new battery technology. Ordinary batteries have been charged staying well below maximum charging temperatures recommended by battery manufacturers: 70% state of charge in 10 minutes, 80% in 12 minutes, and 100% in 16 minutes. Even these results might be improved with further development.

Users of cell phones and other consumer electronics such as computers, tablet computers, cameras, portable power tools will not be stranded when they have an urgent need to revive their batteries.

Charging an electric vehicle with speeds closer to gasoline refueling speeds the growth of the electric vehicle industry. Electric vehicles improve the environment by not releasing emissions that contribute to global warming.

Currently, the largest market for fast battery charging is cell phones and laptop computers, and Electric Vehicle battery charging is an emerging large market. Being in both markets strengthens the ability of Potential Difference to have a larger eventual impact on the environment as it pursues ultra fast electric vehicle battery charging. The Indiegogo crowdfunding platform is better suited for a consumer electronics product such as an ultra fast cell phone battery charger.

Potential Difference ( is an electronics technology firm that provides consumer electronics and environmental solutions. Potential Difference is:
1 of 30 companies selected nationwide by U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewal Energy Laboratory to present at their annual Industry Growth Forum in 2011, the nation's premier entrepreneurial event.

1 of 10 companies selected to receive Commercialization Assistance in 2011 by Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation Cluster, a collaborative effort with the U.S. Department of Energy, Illinois Science & Technology Coalition, and Clean Energy Trust

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