Portland's Holiday Customs is your American Chopper antidote

We wouldn't blame you if you recoiled from every video about motorcycle builders you saw. After all, American Choppers has effectively conditioned each and every one of us to think stitching together custom bikes involves more drama than your average episode of Jersey Shore. But, as Jared Johnson of Holiday Customs so eloquently illustrates, real life building as all about crafting something that isn't "just a bolt on situation." Even better, the shop focuses on crafting accessible bikes for the masses instead of $25,000 bits of unobtanium. It's clear Johnson wants his bikes to be ridden, not sheltered in someone's forsaken garage.

Sunglasses maker Shwood Eyewear turned its attention to Holiday Customs for the latest in the company's Experiment With Nature video series. The clip succinctly sums up what we love about bikes, wrenching and, fittingly enough, wrenching on bikes. You can check out the video below, and be sure to head over to the Holiday Customs site for daily dose of drool-worthy metal.

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