So, you've got yourself a fine piece of vintage four-wheeled automobile history, and you actually want to drive it instead of letting it sit unused in a climate-controlled bunker deep underground? For that, we salute you. But what about your music?

Good news, classic car aficionados, RetroSound has just introduced its Model Two in-dash radio featuring such modern technology as Bluetooth, auxiliary and USB connections, front and rear RCA pre-outs plus a subwoofer output and a 25x4-Watt onboard amplifier. Bet that's enough to get your motor runnin'.

To make it match your classic of choice, the company offers a number of custom enclosures and bezels, and it can be had with its face in chrome or black and with chrome or ivory push buttons. Check out a couple of videos showcasing the RetroSound Model Two below, plus another one... just for inspiration.

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