If you've been following our friendly neighborhood blog for the last few years, you already know how fond we are of the Ural brand of motorcycles and sidecars. Sharing a life-and-limb endangering moment aboard one and having it deliver you home safely tends to bond man and machine in a way otherwise impossible...

As much as we appreciate Urals in stock form, there's certainly room for some mechanical experimentation, which is why the Icon Quartermaster caught our very limited attention spans. According to the company, it is "based on the Ural Solo sT" and is "a bike designed for enduring the End of Days."

In keeping with that apocalyptic theme, the only bit seemingly left untouched by Icon's demented customizers is the engine. The frame, fuel tank, fenders and suspension bits have all been heavily modified, and the finished product looks awfully mean. Check it out in the gallery above and the video below.

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