The State of the Union is tonight at 9PM EST, and we've already spoken with the President, who assures us he'll be done talking in plenty of time to catch the second episode of The List on Speed at 10:30PM EST/PST.

Tonight's episode focuses on off-roading adventures, which, as you may remember, The List covered when it entered Jessi and Patrick in the Baja 1000. Those two web episodes, Part I and II, are a pair of our favorite from the series, and we're excited to see them in HD on our flatscreens tonight.

The episode tonight will also feature some never-before-seen footage from an episode of The List that never aired in the first season. It was sort of like our Pilot episode when we were still figuring out how the show would work, and we're happy that the footage is finally seeing the light of day thanks to Speed.

Don't forget, the second episode of Translogic also airs tonight right before The List at 10:00PM EST/PST. Make sure to check out our Power Hour of programming tonight on Speed and let us know what you think in the comments.

Got your own idea for an item we should tackle on The List? Let us know what it is.

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