A Florida woman was saddened when she hit a big bird that never moved out of her way while driving last Thursday night down the Florida Turnpike.

She didn't really think of the incident again until the next day, when a fellow motorist in a shopping center parking lot alerted her that she had a bird stuck in the grille of her SUV. And it wasn't roadkill.

When she investigated, she saw two huge yellow eyes blinking back at her.

"I was driving about 60 miles per hour, and it never moved," Sonji Coney Williams tells CNN. "I thought, 'Oh my God, I hit a bird,' and felt so bad."

It wasn't just any bird. It was a great horned owl, and it survived the 138-mile ride between Yeehaw Junction, Fla. and Plantation, Fla. embedded in the grille of Williams' car.

An officer from the Florida Department of Wildlife and Game helped free the bird.

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