Have you broken bread with the CEO of the company that made your car? Probably not. But, if you're one of the roughly 2,000 people who have purchased a Fisker Karma, then there's a decent chance that you actually have. A while back, we got to sit down with Henrik Fisker (sans food) for a lengthy interview we will be sharing later this week. But first, we wanted to highlight a few interesting things we learned, including how he sometimes takes a hands forks-on approach with his customers.

Instead of launching a big marketing campaign, Fisker told AutoblogGreen, the start-up automaker tries to think of "more innovative ways of doing marketing," including meals with buyers and potential customers:

What else can we do? Well, if you own a Mercedes, you can't go have dinner with Mr. Benz, because he isn't around any more. But you can have dinner with Henrik, maybe, at some special events we're doing. Even with our current customers, because we see them as brand ambassadors. I have had dinner or breakfast with at least 500 of them, all over the world. That's a quarter, that's quite a lot. It's great because they appreciate it and it's unique and it's something they couldn't do with any other car company and they become strong advocates for the brand and I get great feedback.

Stay tuned for more, including what some of this feedback is (hint: Karma drivers are pretty darn gas-averse).

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