"There is another Commodore coming after this one," said Holden Chairman and Managing Director Mike Devereux while giving Australian press a preview of the 2014 VF Commodore, which is set to launch February 10th. It was a pretty effective way to de-emphasize the brand-new car, judging by the stunned expressions Australian press reports mention on the faces of his Holden deputies.

Really all this statement means is that there will be a car named Commodore even after the VF winds down in 2016. Devereux further explained that Holden's Adelaide facility will be assembling two GM global platforms, one of them we know to be the Cruze, and "one of them [that] will underpin the next Commodore."

Don't expect that next Commodore to be a rear-driver like the cars that have topped sales charts for the last 15 years. It'll more than likely be a port of a car we know here as a Buick, according to The Australian. While we wait for 2017, at least we can check out the VF Commodore that was just unveiled.

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