Jay Leno always seems to lay his hands on some of the best cars – new or old – that have ever been created, so you'd think there aren't many new models that can impress the comic any more. Well after watching the latest installment of Jay Leno's Garage, the collector car king has had some time in newly updated 2014 Aston Martin Vanquish, and if we're not mistaken, he's downright giddy about it.

Leno spent a week with the Vanquish, and during his video walkaround, he has almost nothing negative to say about the British coupe, labeling it the "perfect combination" of sports car and a grand touring car, even defending it against very different cars like the Porsche Carrera GT and the Ford Shelby GT500. Starting at almost $300,000 and having a powerful V12 under its long, carbon-fiber hood, Leno notes the Vanquish is sophisticated, astounding him with how well-balanced it is between performance and comfort. Oddly enough, the only thing Leno didn't like about this particular car was its bright blue color, which is probably only a shade or two brighter than Leno's own denim outfit.

Scroll down to watch Leno give his opinion about the Vanquish and then have some real fun taking it for a spin.

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