The development of the DeltaWing is making a break and taking a left turn, with a report on Speed revealing that almost none of the partners who helped make the car possible are involved in its racing plans for 2013. That includes Ben Bowlby, the man who dreamed it up, Dan Gurney's All American Racers, Highcroft Racing and Nissan – all of them have apparently stepped away. The only potential supplier left is Michelin, and it's only potential because Michelin hasn't commented on the matter.

Don Panoz remains, and there's a lot of work going into the three races planned for the DeltaWing this year. A new 1.9-liter race engine with a billet block, direct injection and twin turbos, based off two different Mazda engines, is reportedly being built for the program. Lighter than the Nissan engine formerly used and running on the dyno now, output is at 345 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, meaning it is also more powerful than the Nissan engine.

Its first outing will be at the 12 Hours of Sebring next month, where it will move up to the P1 category. After that, the radical racer will be enclosed – Bowlby originally envisioned a coupe – and it is expected to race at Laguna Seca on May 11 and at Baltimore on August 31. Assuming the racing and performance targets are met, plans are to bring the coupe version of the DeltaWing to market.

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