Our automotive leanings generally favor cars that sit down close to the ground, with low-profile tires and suspension travel measured in the inches. Still, a good helping of Monster Jam never hurts, and it can be fun to watch machines with mondo-size rubber and a few generous feet worth of springs and shocks jumping hither and thither off platforms, ramps and, of course, other cars.

If nothing else, monster truck drivers know how to put on a good show. Evidence supporting this fact can be seen down below, where Grave Digger is freestyling a dirt course with all the expected obstacles, plus one: another truck that goes by the name Maximum Destruction. For those unaware, these two outfits are longtime rivals that have been lining up against each other for the last decade or so.

Wanna see how Grave Digger treats his mortal enemy, even after it has fallen in battle? Scroll down below to watch the video.

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