Sauber Motorsports F1 has launched the most radical of this season's Formula One cars to date, its C32 getting a partially stepped nose, exceptionally narrow sidepods and a wasp-waisted rear end. Lotus F1's technical director said he expected other teams to stick with the stepped nose, but everyone else so far has opted for a vanity panel; only Sauber has even come close to keeping the step, with the step being visible from the front but the profile view being a smooth line to the cockpit.

The sidepods and pull-rod rear suspension are completely new, Sauber's chief designer focused on getting the slimmest and most aerodynamic rear end possible. The radiator placement is brand new, and the Coanda exhaust design and placement of the exhaust outlets are different compared to the C31.

The team scored fifth in last year's championship but team principal Monisha Kaltenborn isn't making any predictions for this year's performance. Understandable since this is her first full year at the helm, and with two new drivers, one of them a rookie. But the C32 is derived from the C31, which was believed to have great balance, treated its tires well, delivered four podiums and got the team to within 16 points of the much better funded Mercedes F1 team. If their innovations work, it could be another good season for the Swiss team. You can watch the car revealed at its Hinwil headquarters in the video below.

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