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Force India reveals VJM06 at Silverstone [w/video]

Echoing words spoken at launches of the Formula One cars for Ferrari and McLaren, Sahara Force India F1 technical director Andrew Green said that it's what's under the skin of the VJM06 that marks the car's changes. The team began working on the car in the middle of last year – and cut development on last year's car, which could have played a part in its inability to overtake Sauber for sixth – with the emphasis on simulations and computational fluid design.

An evolution of the VJM05, Green said the engineering team was pushed out of its comfort zone to get everything out of every part in the car. The "rear suspension, front suspension and aerodynamics have all been pushed hard," and there was plenty of work put into making the car easier to drive. The modesty panel over the stepped nose has made it easier to look at.

For now, Paul di Resta will be the only one driving it – instead of being joined by a teammate or reserve driver, he rolled the sheet back with the help of deputy team principal Bob Fernley. Fernley said a driver would be named by the second pre-season test. The video below has the sights and sounds of the VJM06 in wet action at Silverstone.

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