Rimac Automobili has just accomplished what all startups in the electric vehicle space promise, but mostly never deliver on: Job One. That's right, the Croatian company has completed its very first all-electric supercar for a paying customer. There's just one problem: we can't see it yet.

According to a Facebook update released by the company, its customer "...wished to control what will be published about the project." So, all we know for now is that it should offer similar, if not better, tire-blistering performance as the original Rimac Concept_One but will look somewhat different as it not a copy of that prototype, but rather, a separate one-off design. Judging by the shrouded silhouette in the photo above, the proportions are similar to the Concept_One, but the bodywork has been significantly massaged.

The project took about four months to complete and was complicated by the lack of automotive-sector infrastructure in the company's Balkan homeland. With no pool of engineers to hire from and no supplier base from which to source parts, the team Rimac team had to be inventive and self-reliant whilst operating on a tight budget. The lessons learned should help them move forward with future production, though.

While we look forward to seeing what lies beneath the sheet in both high-definition stills and moving pictures, this is probably the perfect time to applaud Mr. Rimac for reaching this momentous milestone. Congratulations, sir.

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