We had some pretty entertaining automotive toys growing up, but trust us when we say we had nothing quite like this. A father in China whipped up an amazing mini electric car for his son, complete with a custom frame, disc brakes, fully functional suspension and a rear differential. With a carbon fiber body and LED light system, the machine is a step up from your typical Power Wheels. Hell, it's a step up from most production vehicles on the road. An electric motor is mated to a small transmission just behind the seat.

What kind of dad whips up something like this in his spare time? One who engineers custom mini cars for a living. In this case, Pops started with a simple CAD drawing before bringing the little EV to life, and he says buyers pay as much as a BMW 3 Series to get their kids in equivalent little runabouts. In this case, the builder says he has around $15,000 in materials alone. Just remember kids, all things are possible with time and money. Check out the full reddit discussion for more information.

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