There aren't quite words to contain our exasperation with stunts like this. Mere days after we watched a gaggle of jokers shut down an Orange County Oakland freeway for the sole purpose of doing donuts in the middle of the road, Hector "Tank" Martinez managed to talk some 300 motorcycle riders into helping him bring Interstate 10 in Los Angeles to a standstill. While Martinez used the moment as an excuse to execute a burnout of his own, his larger purpose was to get down on one knee in the middle lane and propose to his girlfriend, Paige Hernandez.

While we're all for romance, something tells us the magic would have been broken pretty quickly had the group been rear ended by an inattentive truck driver. We're not asking much, people. Just do us a favor and think past your own selfish ends. Or, more pointedly, just think. Watch the stupidity in the video below.

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