As champions of both rear-wheel drive and the hand brake, we completely understand the compulsion to get sideways on occasion. Hell, there was a time when no vacant parking lot was safe from our hellion ways – but there's a difference between harming nothing but your own rear tires and putting an entire highway's worth of commuters in danger. That's exactly what a set of Orange County Oakland kids managed to do when they shut down what looks to be a six-lane interstate for the soul purpose of doing some donuts.

From what we can tell, there were a few Ford Mustang models, at least one Chevrolet Camaro and a few Nissan 240SX drivers in attendance, and while the act of spinning a car isn't necessarily dangerous in and of itself, asking traffic that was traveling at around 60 mph to come to a complete stop for your stupidity is the definition there of. Do us a favor, jokers: keep it off the street. Enjoy the shakiest of hand cams in the video below.

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