The season premiere of Top Gear aired last night in the UK, and did so in typical Top Gear fashion. We've yet to see the episode for ourselves (it's available via Final Gear on bittorrent, and as we reported earlier, will air on BBC America in the US just a week from now on February 4), but reports are coming in that a new record was set on the Top Gear Test Track by the Pagani Huayra.

Piloted by The Stig, the Huayra reportedly posted a time of just 1:13.8. It's remarkable, really, given that the car it displaced atop the rankings was the Ariel Atom V8 500, which it beat by a full 1.3 seconds.

Scroll below to watch the power lap performed by The Stig for yourself. The lap starts at the end of the first video and continues at the beginning of the second. Hurry up and click play, though, as we don't except these to be up on YouTube for much longer.

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