Infographic: The history of the garage

Infographics are the energy bars of information delivery – not bad for you, lots of tasty calories and just enough to get you by, but not so heavy on the lasting sustenance. Yet because they skip all the boring bits they can make just about any subject interesting, and that's how we've come to know all kinds of interesting things that we'll shortly forget about the humble home garage.

The IFA Insurance Company lays out the stats on the domestic carport, from its origins in the word " garer" and as a place for horses, to being covered for feature stories and magazines and a source of envy for homeowners. Oh, and the US alone has 82 million homes with a garage – enough to store every car made in the world last year, with a few garages left over to fix a few million of those cars.

You'll find more factoids in the full infographic below.
History of GarageCourtesy of Ifa Auto Low Cost Auto insurance

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