About 170 publicly accessible electric-vehicle charging stations were installed in the US last month. If this trend continues, the number of EV stations could grow at about 40 percent a year, according to US Department of Energy figures.

As of January 17, US drivers of Nissan Leafs, Chevrolet Volts and other plug-in vehicles could "fill up" at 5,365 out-of-home stations, up from 5,199 stations on December 18. About a fifth of those stations are in California, where 20 stations were added last month.

Additionally, the electric superhighway is alive and well on the West Coast, as Washington and Oregon had 307 and 290 stations, respectively. That means that about a third of the publicly accessible stations in the US are on the West Coast. Texas and Florida were the states with the second- and third-most stations, with 400 and 351, respectively.

Walgreens remains by far the retailer with the most charging stations in the US, with 362 stores boasting charging stations. Kohl's came in at No. 2, with 55 charge-ready stores. Whole Foods, Kwik Trip and Cracker Barrel rounded out the top five, proving that providing retail customers with charging stations is coming to a variety of establishments.

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