Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, right, may ha... Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, right, may have gotten a speeding ticket, but the judge overseeing it may be in far more trouble. (AP photo).
Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel may have outrun the Oklahoma football team's defense in epic fashion earlier this month, but the Texas A&M quarterback cannot outrun the long arm of the law.

Police in the suburban Dallas city of Ennis issued Manziel a speeding ticket last week. While the infraction was ordinary, a local judge found himself in some hot water after posting about his defendant on his personal Facebook account.

"Too funny," Judge W. Lee Johnson wrote. "So it seems that a certain unnamed (very) recent Heisman Trophy winner from a certain unnamed "college" down south of here got a gift from the Ennis P.D. while he was speeding on the 287 bypass yesterday."

In the comments section, Johnson at least had the foresight to amend his post to say, "allegedly speeding, my bad." But he probably didn't envision the complications that followed.

Johnson, who has served in the city for 25 years, was reprimanded in a press release distributed by city manager Steve Howerton, who wrote that "receiving a traffic ticket is not a humorous matter. Further, it is not the policy of the city of Ennis to indiscriminately publish the identity of traffic ticket recipients or to publicly lecture them."

In the post, Johnson had also admonished Manziel, "Time to grow up/slow down young 'un."

For the record, Johnson did not matriculate at any of A&M's big rivals, namely Texas and Oklahoma. He's a Baylor grad.

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