With a goal of making races more competitive and fan-friendly, the Izod IndyCar Series has made a few changes to its 2013 schedule. For fans, the starting times of the races have been tweaked in order to create more consistency, and for race teams, four of the races have had their lengths adjusted to make racing a priority over strategy, according to Speed TV.

Race-length changes include a shorter opening race in St. Petersburg, FL as well as Long Beach, CA (down 10 laps and five laps, respectively), while the Milwaukee and Mid-Ohio races have both been extended (up 25 laps and five laps, respectively). From the sound of it, the distance change will take fuel strategy out of the picture – or at least lessen its impact – and make teams drive hard the entire race. As for the scheduling change, the article states that with a more consistent green-flag time, it will be easier for viewers to watch on a regular basis.

Head over to Speed TV for a full breakdown of the 2013 IndyCar schedule.

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