Last year, Ford claimed that its Fusion Hybrid sedan was one of the company's many models that beat the magic 40 miles per gallon fuel-efficiency figure, but Consumer Reports discovered that the automaker is just dreaming, Green Car Reports says.

Consumer Reports tested the mid-sized sedan and got 39 miles per gallon, well short of the 47 mpg highway that was first estimated by Ford at the 2012 North American Auto Show in Detroit last January. The publication also took the Fusion Hybrid model to task for issues such as the challenging MyFord Touch infotainment system as well as the model's fit and finish.

Either way, customers don't appear to be taking too much issue with the model's fuel economy. Last month, the Fusion Hybrid more than tripled December 2011 sales by selling 3,244 units. For all of 2012, the Fusion Hybrid boosted sales by 25 percent from 2011 numbers, to 14,100 units.

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