Some would say this is akin to biting the hand that feeds you, but at least the creators of the so-called North American Anti-Auto Show in Detroit appear to have a sense of humor about it.

The 'show' is actually an art exhibition put on by the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit at the city's Cobo Center, and the event started Friday night with a $1-a-head "green carpet" gala, the New York Times reports. Repurposed crushed cars, skateboards, scooters and pictures of animals crossing railroad tracks are being displayed in the exhibit, which obviously has an environmental focus to it. The first (and thus far only) Anti-Auto Show in 2001 raised money for about a dozen bike rack installations around Detroit, but the show hasn't been held since. The bike racks are still there, though.

This year, the "anti" show reappears alongside the "real" North American Auto Show, which runs through January 27.

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