C7 CorvetteWe're just days away from finally (finally!) being able to drop the full, steaming load of C7 Corvette information, images and video into your collective lap. And yet, the official reveal day is not quite here yet...

Thank the good lord, then, for poorly hidden magazine covers, and more sneaky shots of the new car. A car that is, we read, "The best Corvette design in 50 years" if the front page of Automobile is to be believed. At least from the smoke-engulfed posterior shot that we see here, the C7 does appear to have some very striking design work going on. Bold LED taillamps live in blacked-out surrounds, a crisply angled spoiler accents the high-belted rear end, and the expected quad-tailpipes look to mean serious business. The quarterlight behind the side windows is a bit surprising though, as it seems to be louvered or otherwise obscured in some way.

Look for glossy images of the C7 Chevrolet Corvette of your dreams very soon. In the meantime, tell us what you think of this latest image, in comments.

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