Toyota dominated new car sales last year, with its Camry topping out at just over 400,000 units, but the automaker also led a much less desirable category in 2012: recalls. According to The Detroit News, Toyota's 5.3 million recalled units was enough to give it the highest recall volume last year in the US, giving the brand this unfortunate distinction for the third time in the last four years. Overall, 16.2 million vehicles (including RVs and motorcycles) were recalled last year with the oversight of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration marking an increase of 4.5 percent over 2011. By volume, Toyota, Honda and the Detroit Three accounted for the vast majority of all recalls tallied last year with a combined total of almost 13 million recalled vehicles.

Looking at the total number of vehicles that were recalled, Toyota and Honda each had more than double of any other automaker, but when it came to the total number of individual recall campaigns, Ford had the most with 24 separate recalls issued. The report offers an interesting breakdown of different recall data from last year including a graphic that puts it all into perspective, so be sure to head on over to The Detroit News for the full report.

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