Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) did a great job encouraging electric vehicle trips to the airport by setting up 38 charging stations in two separate lots and offering EV drivers free parking spaces. Those no-cost spots were a huge draw, to be sure, but airport authorities have now decided to pull the plug . The airport said it will stop the free parking deal in March, in part to reduce the growing volume of electric cars circling the lot waiting for one of the coveted spots to open up.

The decision was also made was for revenue reasons. The airport said it needs the additional parking revenue that EV owners would be paying. LAX previously eliminated free parking for cars with handicap placards.

When airport authorities first made the incentive offer for 30 days of free EV parking, it wasn't a big deal. Since that time, though, EV sales nearly tripled and demand for the free parking spots has become a point of contention because it was such a good deal, saving up to $30 a day, which can add up fast for frequent fliers.

Charging at LAX will still be free after the March change. For a look at what other airports offer their plug-in customers, read this.
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Electric Vehicle Parking Changes

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) recently upgraded the majority of electric vehicle charging units at LAX to allow for universal use by today's technologically advanced electric vehicles.
Electric Vehicle (EV) owners can continue to use the EV chargers for free.

Effective March 1, 2013, LAWA will no longer provide free PARKING to EV owners. Those using the parking lots must PAY the posted rate.

For current parking information or news, please visit: www.lawa.org/welcome_LAX.aspx?id=58

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