Watching a small fire that no one can stop from becoming a big fire is like watching a train wreck in Super Slo-Mo. That is the spectacle we get from a rural two-lane road in Poland when a transporter truck hauling seven Volkswagen Passat wagons catches flame.

The cause appears to be some sort of tire or axle failure on the trailer that starts a small fire under one of the cars. For unknown reasons, no one among the bystanders has a fire extinguisher, so they try to put the flames out with snow. That doesn't work, and then when it takes 12 minutes for the volunteer fire department to arrive in their vintage Mercedes-Benz pump and get the first stream of water shooting – almost five minutes before the state fire department – the conflagration is big enough to cook cattle and s'mores for Zeus.

The transporter inferno is on the long side at 23 minutes, but you'll find it all in the video below.

Volkswagen Passat Information

Volkswagen Passat

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