Specialty, or "vanity," license plates are nothing new, and pending the governor's signature a Florida bill is about to usher in the age of vanity driver's licenses. Among a deep wade through the arcana of 2012 state bill CS/CS/HB 1223 – Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, one finds the removal of prohibitions on honking your horns on the highway and flashing your high beams, and this: "The department may issue to any applicant qualified pursuant to s. 322.14, F.S., a specialty driver license or identification card upon payment of the $25 fee."

Florida offers a magnificent number of specialty license plates, but its specialty driver's license program would get off to a start with, "at a minimum... state and independent universities domiciled in Florida, all Florida professional sports teams designated in s. 320.08058(9)(a), F.S., and all branches of the United States military." From there it's only a matter of time before there's a hospice service or a manatee helping you rent a car or get into a bar every time you whip out your ID.

The bill passed unanimously in both houses of the Florida legislature. In an odd note, the bill declares that the vanity ID provision will be repealed on August 31, 2016, so get in while the window's open. The bill also redefines what a "swamp buggy" is and adds an additional exemption for dead motorists who have received red light camera citations... because, you know, it's Florida.

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