Could Beyonce really become one of the first people to take delivery of a C7 Corvette? After all, she reportedly only learned to drive two years ago. If The Detroit Bureau sources are to be believed, the pop star will be given the keys to a 2014 Corvette during the Super Bowl halftime show.

The idea isn't too far-fetched despite General Motors vowing not to advertise during the upcoming game. The rumor is given more credibility after Chevrolet spokesman Mike Albano told The Bureau that, "We've got a history of being involved with the Super Bowl."

The plan is reportedly to place a hand-built, one-off C7 on the 50-yard line during the halftime show, then gift the car to the singer. It's a shrewd marketing move. GM gets its time in front of Super Bowl viewers without officially changing its plan to avoid buying expensive ad time during the game. Product placement during sporting events is old hat to GM. The company has parked its vehicles on the field during Olympic opening ceremonies at least once before.

Just remember Beyonce, take some precautions as a still-green driver with a powerful new car: Adjust your mirrors, re-position the seat and put on your seatbelt before putting keys in the ignition. Mostly though, watch out for jealous Corvette drivers.

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