India remains one of the world's largest markets for motorcycles, and word has it Harley-Davidson may be preparing to take on the onslaught of low-cost, low-displacement machines popular with buyers there. The Indian automotive site Zigwheels reports the Wisconsin-based motorcycle manufacturer plans to develop and produce a new model in India for the country's buyers. The article says Harley-Davidson executives have already met with Indian vendors and dealers in early talks about establishing a dealer network, and word has it the new bike will debut at the 2014 New Delhi Motorcycle Show.

Details are somewhat scarce, but the report suggests the India-market motorcycle will boast a 400- to 500-cc V-twin engine and carry an MSRP of around $6,300. Of course, that sounds like plenty of fun to us, but a foreign-built, small-displacement bike runs against the grain of the company's US operations. Currently, the smallest bike on the company's showroom is the 883cc Sportster. That said, Harley-Davidson needs to grow and change if it plans to continue to be relevant moving forward, and a machine targeted at the motorcycle-hungry Indian market would be a great first step in that direction.

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