The SRT Viper could replace Cupid the reindeer (Credit:... The SRT Viper could replace Cupid the reindeer (Credit: Chrysler).
Santa is going high tech next year. He's replacing Rudolf, the reindeer and the sleigh with a modern vehicle to deliver all those toys, games and electronics to boys and girls of all ages everywhere. But Santa can't decide what vehicle to buy, rent or lease.

What should Santa drive on Christmas Eve 2013 to replace his reindeer?

Rudolf – Without his nose so bright to lead the sleigh tonight, Santa needs LED headlights. Since nearly all manufacturers now feature those, Santa should opt for a model with a night vision package, to help locate chimneys in the dark, such as on BMW, Audi and Mercedes models.

Dasher – Santa needs to cover a lot of territory in one night, so he needs a fuel efficient vehicle to spend less on gas have more cash for toys. One of the members of the so-called 40 MPG Club would be ideal, such as the Mazda3, Chevrolet Cruze or Sonic, VW Passat or Jetta, Ford Fiesta or Fusion, Lincoln MKZ.

Dancer – A Subaru, famous for its symmetrical all-wheel drive, will let Santa dance through the snow, and ice, too. The system is standard on all models except the BRZ.

Prancer – Santa should replace Prancer with a vehicle whose logo is a prancing horse. That would be Ferrari. In red, of course, to match his outfit.

Vixen – That would be the Mini or the Fiat 500, both of which are fun to drive and have devoted fans, like Santa himself.

Comet – Something fast and powerful, such as a crossover or sedan with a V6 engine. The Honda Crosstour or Toyota Camry would work nicely, thank you.

Cupid – It's easy to fall in love with a sportscar, so Santa should give in to Cupid and drive a Chrysler SRT Viper, Porsche 911 or Jaguar XKR-S. Convertible, of course.

Donner – This is the German word for thunder. An appropriate choice for Santa would be the new VW Jetta Hybrid, making noise for its impressive MPG ratings and available Fender sound system.

Blitzen – The German word for lightning translates into a plug-in electric car, like the Nissan Leaf, Ford C-Max or Tesla S sedan, all of which have plenty of cargo space for Santa's gifts.

So many choices. Whatever Santa decides to drive, he will be most welcome at our house.


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