McLaren gathered people of the very important variety in New York City to get an up-close look at it P1 supercar, and to explain how the production car will diverge from the P1 concept shown at the Paris Motor Show. During the show the P1 was said to be "97-percent final," and during the NYC shindig the last three-percent variation was explained, that being vents in the fenders ahead of the front wheels to channel hot air away, and a different pattern for the mesh grille at the rear of the car.

Other notables include the panoramic roof, full carbon fiber discs with a mirror finish provided by a Formula One supplier, superaluminum wheels that are as light as magnesium but more durable, and bits we already know about like the downforce equal to "having a small elephant sitting on the roof of the car." You can watch the presentation in the video below, and play along with photos from either of the high-res galleries.

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