When it comes to camping, Americans tend to either rough it with tents or go for broke in massive bus-size recreational vehicles. Down in Australia and New Zealand, the caravan reigns supreme. Not to be confused with the Dodge minivan offering, caravans provide humble accommodations for vacationing, but they can be pulled by much smaller vehicles than, say, a fullsize Airstream trailer.

New Zealand-based design house W2 has unveiled a new twist on the caravan with the Romotow, and it is clearly not your ordinary camper trailer. Claimed to be inspired by a USB drive, this trailer folds in and out of itself, providing extra living space. Lightweight materials are used, and the concept also features power-assisted braking, self-leveling pads and shocks and a backup camera. The interior features a bathroom, kitchenette, louvers for cross ventilation, and available features such as deck area and sliding doors.

W2 is currently at the design and testing stage. A fully functional Romotow should be ready by 2015. If you are a camper that's tired of roughing it, or one who enjoys the outdoors but would prefer more domestic confines, the Romotow looks like a solid option for a camping tr- er, caravan. Check out more on this wild concept in the video below.

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